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August 3rd, 2004

09:37 pm: I now have a B.F.A
I am now a college graduate...yay for me.

Let the work begin. I'm now looking at grad schools. I have four in mind ASU, Southern Illionis at Carbondale, Ga. State, and USC.

Oh what joy.

Current Mood: numbnumb
Current Music: fuck if i know...

June 7th, 2004

11:22 pm: Things on my mind...nothing important to anyone.
This week has been pretty crazy, classes have started back for me. Plus i'm taking this online history class which really blows. President Regan died the 5th which kinda sucks...He was in the same fraternity I'm in so there been things going on with that. (I'm sure a lot people won't understand that...but ohh well) Not to mention the 60th D-Day happenings I've been watching a lot of coverage on Dday, pretty amazing things those guys did.

Current Mood: restlessrestless

April 13th, 2004

11:09 pm: steal me...drill me...someone fucking kill me....
I feel like beating a small farm animal right now...or maybe just a baby seal. Today has been fucking crazy I just want this semester to be over with...july 31st isn't coming soon enough.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

March 25th, 2004

01:07 am: Heh...fuck her.

Current Mood: happyhappy

February 19th, 2004

01:43 am: :)
She puts me in a good mood...

Current Mood: happyhappy

February 12th, 2004

01:32 am: help...
Ok someone give me some ideas for valentines day. I got the dinner part down but whats something fun to do afterwards. movie? bowling? I wanted to go to a play but there all pretty much sold out and the times are like at 7 and thats when I got reservations for dinner. I also thought hey the circus is in town that would be fun...but it also starts at 7. I'm in atlanta so I know there has to be something to do.

Current Mood: thinking

February 3rd, 2004

02:25 am: Ahh shit Lou I lost it...

Current Mood: blankblank

February 2nd, 2004

11:10 pm: I am jacks unwanted thoughts....

Current Mood: blankblank

January 24th, 2004

12:57 pm: 80's music rox
geez it's been a while since my last post. Not a lot has happend christmas was good, except I went too visit my father in South Carolina and the same day I got there...like 4 hours after i got there..(I went to go work with him for a week) we had to pack up and go to virginia it snowed and snowed..cold as shit. We were working outside so it was no vacation.

School has now started back I'm gonna graduate in july i'm pretty happy about that....springbreak is coming up pretty soon..I have a few options of places to go..My fraternity brothers are going to New Orleans for a week...but I don't think i'm gonna go...so I'll more and likely go to south carolinia again...or flordia my family has a house on the beach which wouldn't be that bad but..I dunno choices choices....

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: 80's station

October 30th, 2003

02:06 am: Insert subject here
Ok so I'm hooked on like three bands right now...
Button Happy, Juno, and Eisley...really good bands

however right now my cd player has kittie in it. Just wanted to hear something loud and fast.

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Kittie
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